Every bottle pack of Aev oil
100% Cold press pure Organic Avocado oil

Aev oil represents cultural and contemporary flavors, adapted to the tastes and habits of the international consumers, which aspire to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We produce organic cold pressed pure Avocado oil with natural flavor and essence of avocados without skin and the seed.

Our Product Ranges

Aev oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils you can add to your daily diet. Its high smoking point (260℃) makes it a truly versatile oil ideal for hot or cold dishes and stir frying.

Extra virgin avocado oil

Extracted from highest quality of organic Hass Avocado, the cold press avocado oil has naturally brilliant emerald green color expanding true beauty of avocados, which makes it ideal chose to maintain healthy and balanced life style.

Avocado Cooking oil

The Cooking oil, the extract from the cold press high quality organic avocado fruits with natural aroma of avocado characteristic, the high smoke point makes this culinary oil extremely versatile and safe to use in medium to high heat cooking

Crude Avocado oil

Organic crude avocado oil, it is considered to be healthier, since it is not irrigated by various pesticides or Phytosanitary residues. Organic Crude avocado oil is mildly flavored and it is a great cooking also it can be used for the cosmetics.



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