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Who we are

Aev oil is the Company who works for excellence, quality and trust with professional expertise in Avocado oil extraction. Aev oil runs by the youngest member of the multi diverse family group with an experience of 7 decades. We strive to become the most reputed and trusted brand in the oil processing business.

We are Manufacture

Aev Oil is the largest avocado oil extraction unit in the region of Ethiopia with processing capacity of 7 MT per day. We are equipped with fully automatic European machinery. All the machines are designed to achieve the high quality of Avocado oil through a well-organized process.

Our Organic Farmers

In Ethiopia more than half the population still makes a living from agriculture but a very few people are able to generate a surplus that they can sell. We are donating Avocado Plants from our own nursery farms to the local farmers. We have highly skilled agronomists, who provide ongoing technical support to our organic farmers. Aev oil works in partnership with its avocado farmers, entering into long-term contracts and honoring minimum prices.

Quality Assurance

Aev oil has the numerous certifications to guarantee organic integrity for our entire portfolio we ensure the highest food safety standards to our customers. Our range of certifications and highly skilled teams continuous monitoring the oil sample to maintain quality standards, taste and color, under the most hygienic conditions of avocado oil, we are only using the best quality of avocado fruit products that taste as good as make you feel.

For all certifications and standards, please check our detailed documents.

Aev oil ensuring the highest food safety standards to our customers. For an overview of all certifications and standards we are certified by

Logistics & Packaging

Aev oil is offering premium quality avocado cooking oils, we aim to create the safest, easiest, and most reliable method of supplying high-quality cooking oil to every kitchen and home. We are offering Glass bottle packing in our brand name “Aevo” and also for the private labeling.

We are also offering different packing for Bulk supplies

Flexi tank
(22 MT)

(950 KG)

(200 KG)