Farm to fork

Aev oil was founded in the year 2019 with the aim to promote significance in response to increasing consumer awareness and concerns about food safety and sustainability and to create sustainable solutions for a better, safer and healthier future. Our farm-to-fork journey includes all the stages our product goes through, from growing the plants to every consumer’s plate. It is important to maintain freshness of the product and prevent microbial contamination of produce throughout the farm-to-fork journey.

Zero Waste

Aev oil is an environment friendly and zero wastage company, after oil extraction there are remains Bi–Product seed and pulp, we convert organic fertilizers from pulp and seed are germinating into new plants.

Our Nursery

Aev oil has its own farm nursery, we are grafting new avocado plants from the Bi- Product remain seeds under supervision of our highly skilled agronomist team. We are donating over 2 million grafted avocado plants to the local farmers, unions, co-operatives and universities in the region every year.

Women empowerment

Women make essential contributions to agriculture and rural economic activities in all developing country regions. In Ethiopia, 75% of the agricultural value chain is carried out by women and we believe in the strength and determination that women have shown in every industry. We as Aev oil strongly sports and encourage women employment, we are a 90% women running company. We also give preference to women farmers to increase their revenue and support their livelihoods and families.